Intro Why Bother? 2.5 MB
Part I Introduction to Place of Understanding 16 MB
Part II Review and Intro to Math 15 MB
Part III Review and Intro to Applied Math, Geometry, & Physics 13 MB

This overview covers the progressive development starting with basic rules and standards for all theoretical development work [Place] followed by new theoretical foundations for math, geometry, and physics which satisfy these standards, and compete with existing academic foundations. It was first presented to the public starting October 21, 2003 on Boston cable channel 23 and has been edited since then.

Sally Seaver is an independent scholar (i.e. not affiliated with a university or institution). She has training in mathematical logic and bachelor degrees in Social Science (1986), Math (1988), and Physics (1988) from the University of California at Irvine. Sally has been conducting an ongoing investigation into the foundations of science since 1982.

    Theoretical Foundations by Sally Seaver

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