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Plus/One Theory
Theoretical Foundation for Mathematics


Adv Math
Applied Math

Beginning Construction Site

The theory of Math starts with a blank context. Then the ability to add is introduced; and ones are delivered as raw materials.
 beginning of the Context of Math
Natural Numbers as Templates

The first meanings built are natural numbers. They become templates for defining new operations called first-order ops. Note: “+” = “*1
Using natural numbers as templates to define first-order operations
More Operations and New Numbers

Definition via fill-in-the-blank method leads to more operations and numbers. Only L-order ops and R-order ops for n =1,2 and 3 have been analyzed in the math literature to date.
L-order operations and R-order operations
Special Numbers

Certain combinations lead to special numbers. Special numbers are used to define basis numbers.
Definition of: 0 [zero], 1/0 [zeno], ¡ [aiye], ¿ [seth]


This new theoretical foundation for mathematics explains numbers and numeric operations. In addition to providing a basis for reasoning about what is known, this new theory provides for the construction and definition of new numbers. This foundation secures long sought after stability for mathematics which in turn contributes to the integrity of scientific knowledge.

    Theoretical Foundations by Sally Seaver

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